Utah Trails
Snow Canyon Paved Loop
Length: 18 miles
Tread: Singletrack
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The loop begins in St George, follows Hwy 18 north to the top of Snow Canyon, glides down through Snow Canyon and then swings back to St George. The paved doubletrack parallels roads along the entire route. This is a popular route, which you will share with hikers, joggers, bikers, roller bladders and others.

Scenery is great along the entire route, but the most spectacular part is within Snow Canyon State Park. For a shorter route, just ride up into Snow Canyon, as far as you want, then return the way you can.

You can also extend the route by riding spur roads and trails with connect to the loop.

Bluff Street
There are several parking areas along the trail, where you can start or stop riding. From St George, follow Bluff Street north to the edge of town and look for a parking spot in one of the pullouts.

Top of Snow Canyon
Bluff Street becomes Hwy 18, which skirts the eastern edge of Snow Canyon. Follow the highway north to the top of the canyon, then follow the paved doubletrack down through the canyon.

Park Campground
Restrooms and drinks are available at the campground in Snow Canyon. You can also picnic here.

Snow Canyon Parkway
From the bottom end of Snow Canyon, follow the trail as it parallels the Tuacahn and Snow Canyon parkways back to St George.