Biking Eastern Utah's Dinosaurland

Dinosaurland in eastern Utah is just being discovered as a mountain bike paradise. The area offers a great variety of single- and double-track trails crossing bare sandstone, desert canyons, alpine meadows and forests. And when summer temperatures are sizzling in southern Utah, Uinta Mountain trails are cool and refreshing. Best of all, there are no crowds - you often have the trails all to yourself.

Bike Dinosaurland and you'll discover spectacular scenery as you peddle around Flaming Gorge Reservoir, along the Green River, into the Uinta Mountains or around Dinosaur National Monument. You'll also find fascinating geology as you ride through fissures and outcroppings where fossil-bearing rock is exposed - including the Morrison formation, which has yielded a rich trove of dinosaur bones.

This is also a historic area offering rock art and artifacts from ancient American Indians, pioneer-era cabins and hideaways used by notorious outlaws like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

One of the most scenic bike trails in this area follows the Red Canyon rim overlooking Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The rim is about 1,700 feet above the reservoir and views are incredible, with the canyon's red walls offset by greet pine trees and the lake's deep, blue water. The trail starts at the Red Canyon Visitor Center and offers a 9-mile ride, most of which is on singletrack. It's suitable for novice riders, although optional spurs can be worked in to increase the challenge.

Dowd Mountain offers a trail of intermediate-difficulty that blends fun single and double-track, outstanding scenery and the chance to see wildlife. This trail leads to a breathtaking overlook above Flaming Gorge. It is well-marked and maintained.

The Outlaw Trail follows routes Butch Cassidy and others used while hiding out in remote Browns Park. The single-track trail follows the Green River for about 5 miles, offering scenic views at every turn. Wildlife is abundant in this area; riders often see deer, moose, otter, beaver, osprey, hawks, eagles and other birds and animals. The trail is suitable for intermediate-level riders.

For more information on these and other destinations, see the Dinosaurland Travel Region website.

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