Made In Utah - Central Utah

These products and services have unique ties to Utah and have become iconic in their respective categories. While traveling in Utah we encourage you to seek out and try local products. They will add rich variety to your visit.

Great Basin Natives
This plant nursery specializes in species native to the great basin and surrounding areas. It offers heritage shrubs, cacti and other natives that area ideal for landscaping in an arid environment.

The nursery is located in Holden, along I-15 in southern Utah.

Norbest Turkeys
Norbest brand turkeys and turkey products are produced by a cooperative involving turkey grows in Utah and Nebraska. The company began in the early 1920's as a producer-owned marketing cooperative called Utah Poultry. It has grown over the years and now the 47 independent turkey producer-members of the co-op commercially grow some five million turkeys in Utah. They are raised in the mountain valleys of Sanpete County, around the town of Moroni.

Norbest turkeys can be purchased from many national grocery retailers.

Real Salt
This mineral-rich salt is mined from a deposit near Redmond, in Central Utah. It is totally natural and has a salty/sweet flavor. It is sold online and in many stores throughout the US.

"Real Salt's unique coloring comes from more than 60 trace minerals, which also lend an amazing flavor that has helped Real Salt become the best-selling brand of sea salt in health food stores. Real Salt is the best tasting, healthiest sea salt you can find."

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