Known as the "hub of Central Utah," and situated along I-70, Richfield is a historic city surrounded by beautiful redrock mountains and snow covered peaks. Originally established as a pioneer settlement in 1864, Richfield has expanded beyond its agricultural roots. Today it is most commonly known for its close proximity to the Paiute ATV Trail, and as a major hub for the fall Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree.

Richfield was named in recognition of the fertile soil the early settlers discovered. Even today, farming continues to be a major way of life for many residents; hay, barley, oats, corn silage, cattle, hogs, sheep, turkeys, commercial feedlots, and dairy herds are produced on the rich land. In this way, residents feel they are able to preserve a part of their past.

Maintaining close ties with the past is important to the community. Each Fourth of July, the city features a detailed Independence Day celebration including a parade, patriotic pageant, and numerous activities in the park.

The past, future, and present often meet at the Richfield tabernacle. Residents and visitors alike often enjoy the cultural activities the historical tabernacle hosts, including the Utah Symphony, Utah Opera Company, plays, and choral programs.

As a part of "Panoramaland," Richfield is an excellent thoroughfare to several nearby National Parks and Forests, all of which provide abundant recreational activities. The area is known for its outdoor rec. opportunities. ATV riding is only one of many common pursuits; others include hiking, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking.

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