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Great Salt Lake State Marina - "What People are Talking About"

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Posted: July 11, 2011


dead shrimp tax - Farmington, UT

Apparently paying your taxes is not good enough to enjoy a really mediocre state recreational facility. Anyone that wants to get that close to the stink of Salt Lake should not be charged rather greeted with open arms to come to the lack luster state facility. Salt lake is not a very nice place to be but is a welcome get away for some. Why...
Posted: September 10, 2010

Responding to "Neveragain"

GreatlyEnjoyUtah - Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Responding to "neveragain" comment about the sand on the beach being dangerously hot. I'm pretty sure "most" people wouldn't have to be warned about something so common sense as this. Please understand that the park rangers and state workers really have their hands full taking care of these places for you and I to enjoy. I don't think they would intensionally put anyone at risk...
Posted: August 02, 2010

I'll NEVER go to Antelope Island beach again!

neveragain - Lehi, UT

Last week we checked out the website here and on the link titled Antelope State Park where it talks about the beaches lining the lake it says the park entrance fee is $2. Imagine our shock when we were charged $9. The other major problem we encountered was that the sand was unbearably hot. My sister got burns on the bottoms of her feet. There...
Posted: February 14, 2010

This State charges for everything

Selling Out Utah - Holladay, UT

I've lived in Salt Lake Couny most of my life. Before the early 80's floods you could camp on the beach. I have photos of Hobie cats lined up on the beach a a lot of activity. Now you go out there and they want $2 just to ride around the parking lot with the threat of a $75 ticket. I then found that they...

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