Millsite State Park Campgrounds

Campgrounds near Millsite State Park

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Within 0 - 5 miles (air)
Millsite State Park    more   Ferron Book Now

Within 11 - 15 miles (air)
Esquire Estates Park    more   Castle Dale  
Olsen Trailer Court    more   Castle Dale  
Trail Mountain Resort / Joes Valley Marina    more   Orangeville  
Joe's Valley Reservoir Campground    more   Orangeville Book Now
Joes Valley Pavillion Group A    more   Orangeville Book Now
Willow Lake    more   Ferron Book Now

Within 16 - 20 miles (air)
Ferron Reservoir    more   Ferron Book Now
Indian Creek Guard Station    more   Orangeville Book Now
Twelve Mile Flat    more   Mayfield Book Now
Seely Creek Guard Station    more   Fairview Book Now
Lake Hill    more   Ephraim Book Now

Within 21 - 25 miles (air)
Huntington State Park    more   Huntington Book Now
Manti Community    more   Manti Book Now
Potters Pond    more   Price Book Now
Indian Creek    more   Orangeville Book Now
Forks of Huntington Canyon    more   Huntington Book Now
Big Rock Group    more   Huntington Book Now
Twin Lake Campground    more   Mayfield Book Now

Within 26 - 30 miles (air)
Old Folks Flat    more   Huntington Book Now
Palisade State Park    more   Sterling Book Now
Temple Hill Resort - RV Park & Campground    more   Manti  
Lake Canyon Rec Area    more   Fairview Book Now

Within 31 - 35 miles (air)
Palisade Lodge Campground    more   Sterling  
San Rafael Bridge    more   Cleveland  
Carter's Campground    more   Mount Pleasant  
Flat Canyon    more   Fairview Book Now
Gooseberry    more   Salina Book Now
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