Utah Fishing Report

Updated 3-15-10

Utah Lake is ice-free. Willard Bay still has some ice but it will be completely gone by the weekend.

Walleye fishing produces excitement this time of year. Action is a little slow getting started - probably be another week before many fish are caught. People like to fish the walleye spawn because they think it is the easiest time to catch fish. Actually, it is easier to find the fish at that time, but the fish feed more aggressively after the spawn. See our excellent walleye fishing articles.

Walleye will soon be congregating along the north and west dikes at Willard Bay. At Utah Lake, some gather around Bird Island, but there are many other staging areas and so the Utah Lake fish are harder to find. We have great articles about walleye fishing on both of those waters.

Wipers will also soon become catchable at Willard Bay.

Ice fishing interest wanes as the lower elevation waters open up, but fish are still being caught through the ice at Strawberry, Fish Lake and similar waters.

Fly fishing on our streams will improve rapidly as we move toward spring. Midge action is good right now. BWOs will produce great fishing by month's end.

Lake Powell produced a big striped bass on March 2. It measured 36 inches and weighed about 16 pounds. See wayneswords.com for more about the fish, and for hints on how to fish for stripers in March.

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