South Eastern Utah Fishing Waters

Fishing Lakes and Streams in South Eastern Utah

See the latest proclamation for current info about regulations on these waters.

Blanding Reservoir #3 and #4 - Contains rainbow trout. Stocked with catchables each spring. By mid-summer fishing slows down and doesn't usually become good again until fall. Fishing from boats is unlawful; float tubes are ok.

Cleveland Reservoir - Contains rainbow trout. Elevation 8,800 feet. Take U-10 south of Price, then go west from Huntington along U-31, or east from Fairview on U-31. No boat ramp. Primitive camping. Stocked with catchable trout.

Colorado River - Channel catfish, carp; threatened and endangered species are also found here. Access is available at various spots from Highway 128 north of Moab and Highway 279 south of Moab. Various facilities are available in the area. Closed to the taking of non-game fish, except that carp may be taken by angling, archery or spear-fishing equipment.

Cottonwood Creek - Contains brown trout. Some access problems with steep banks. Some walk-in areas. Camping at Joes Valley Reservoir. Beautiful stream below Joes Valley Reservoir, near Castledale.

Dirty Devil River - As the name implies, this river is so muddy and flows are so rapid in the spring and early summer that it contains few fish.

Electric Lake - Contains cutthroat trout. Elevation near 9,000 feet. Northwest of Huntington or east of Fairview via U-31. Boat ramp. Forest service campgrounds in area. Some shoreline access by walking. Special regulations on tributaries.

Ferron Reservoir - Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation is 10,500 feet. Twenty-two miles west of Ferron or 19 miles east of Mayfield on Forest Service road. Cabins, Forest Service campgrounds, picnic areas, boats. Tributaries closed during winter.

Ferron Creek - Contains rainbow, brook and brown trout in upper reaches. Camping nearby. Closed above reservoir through early summer.

Fish Creek - Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Closed winter months.

Gooseberry Reservoir - Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation is 8,700 feet. Twelve miles northeast of Fairview and northeast of Huntington along U-31. Forest Service campgrounds, water, pit toilets.

Huntington Creek - Contains rainbow and brown trout. Camping in area. Has high runoff in spring. No access problems. From Flood and Engineer Canyons upstream to Electric Lake Dam, special regulations.

Huntington North Reservoir - (Huntington Lake State Park) Contains largemouth bass; bluegill. Elevation 5,800 feet. State park and modern campground. Lots of crayfish. Can be fast fishing.

Huntington Reservoir - Cutthroat and tiger trout. All cutthroat must immediately be released.

Joes Valley Reservoir - Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout; splake. Elevation is 7,100 feet. Eighteen miles northwest of Orangeville on U-29. Forest Service campgrounds, boat ramp, marina, boat rental, concessions. Rainbow trout are abundant in the 12-15 inch range. Special regulations on splake size and numbers.

Ken's Lake - Contains rainbow trout. No boat ramps. No camping. No boats with motors.

Lake Powell - Contains largemouth bass, striped bass, and smallmouth bass; channel catfish; bluegill; crappie; walleye; and northern pike. Elevation is 3,820 feet. Access at Wahweap, Warm Creek, Hite, Bullfrog, Halls Crossing. Lodges, motels, trailer courts, picnic areas, campgrounds, marinas, boat rentals and baits. Smallmouth bass fishing is coming on strong. Stripers get up to 30 or so pounds.

Loyds Lake - Contains rainbow trout. No motor boats are allowed. No camping. Rainbow are small 8 to 11 inches.

Millsite Reservoir - Contains rainbow, cutthroat trout. Elevation is 5,900 feet. Located just west of Ferron. State park, campgrounds, boat ramp. Good spring and winter fishery. Lots of 9 to 12 inch trout.

Monticello Lake - Contains rainbow and brook trout. Elevation over 8,000 feet. West of Monticello in the Manti-LaSal forest. Forest Service campgrounds in the area. Fishing from boats with motors is unlawful.

Price River - Contains brown and rainbow trout. Walk-in only below Scofield Reservoir. Fishing remains good almost into the town of Price.

Recapture Reservoir - Contains rainbow and brook trout; bullheads. No access problems. Boat ramp and limited camping. Lots of 11 to 13 inch trout.

San Juan River - Contains channel catfish and carp. Access points at Bluff, Mexican Hat, Clay Hills (jeep trail) via U.S. l63 or U-263. Various facilities nearby.

Scofield Reservoir - Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation 7,630 feet. Access near Scofield via U-96. State park, modern restrooms, campgrounds, boats. Popular ice fishing destination. Boat ramp and camping. Heavy pressure. Tributaries are closed during spring and early summer.

Sheep Creek - Contains cutthroat, rainbow, brown trout. Check the regulations. Lower portion closed during kokanee spawn.

Sheep Creek Lake - Contains cutthroat trout. Camping in area. Northeast Uintas. Closed to fishing.

DWR's weekly fishing report for this area.

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