Red Canyon Overlook

Red Canyon OverlookOn the Wyoming site, Flaming Gorge Reservoir is wide and sprawling, extending out against sagebrush flats. On the Utah side, the water backs up into deep, steep-walled canyons. One is called Red Canyon, because of the natural hue of the rocks.

There is an impressive overlook high on the rim above Red Canyon, offering panoramic views of the reservoir. A visitor center has been built at the overlook. The center sits on the very edge of the cliff and affords amazing views of the canyon.

Trails run along the canyon rim, allowing hikers and bikers to access other, equally impressive vistas.

There is a developed campground near the overlook. There are two small lakes nearby, providing opportunity for excellent fishing and canoeing.

Access to the Red Canyon Visitor Center Complex is via Hwy 44, north of the dam.

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