Utah Trails
Black Dragon Canyon Rock Art
Length: 1 mile round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The key attraction here is a fascinating panel or ancient Native American rock art, with a surprising figure that looks like a dragon. Another figure looks like a deformed wolf-creature.

The hike is located on the east side of the San Rafael Swell, just north of I-70. The San Rafael Reef is spectacular in this area. Black Dragon Canyon is deep and scenic. The hike we describe goes up Black Dragon Canyon to the rock art site. You can continue hiking up the canyon for miles, if you want, and then return the way you came in. It is also enjoyable to hike along the Reef and/or explore other area canyons.

To reach the trailhead from the town of Green River, drive west on I-70 for about 12 1/2 miles. Just west of mile marker 147 you'll see a graded road that heads north from the Interstate. Drive that road for .7 miles (closing the gate behind you). At .7 miles you'll see a track leading west toward Petroglyph Canyon. Ignore it and continue on the main road for another .3 miles, to a prominent fork. Turn left and follow the fork to the mouth of Black Dragon Canyon. The fork may be sandy and rutty, requiring a high clearance vehicle. Drive as far as you can toward the mouth and then start hiking.

Rock Art
From the parking area, just follow the dry wash up the canyon. The canyon walls soon close in around you but the bottom of the wash is level and hiking is easy. Hike up the canyon for about 1/2 mile to an obvious log fence surrounding the rock art area, on the north side of the canyon. You can enter the fenced area and climb the hill to get close to the art. Beware because loose rocks may move under your feet. Never touch or deface the ancient images.