Utah Trails
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Lewis Peak section)
Length: 3.5 miles out and back
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This is a northern section of the extensive Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It runs from the mouth of Ogden Canyon, on the north side of Highway 39, to the Pineview Canal Road.

After one-half mile, the trail from Hislop Drive (1175 S) comes in from the northwest, and the Shoreline Trail turns a switchback for the final climb to the Pineview Canal Road. There are excellent views at points along this route.

Please respect private property and stay away from the open canal.

Trailheads are listed below.

1180 North Mountain Road

420 North Harrison Blvd

Top of Douglas Street (350 South)

Hislop Drive (1725 E. 1175 S.)

Mouth of Ogden Canyon