Utah Trails
Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Mount Ogden Section)
Length: 6.4 miles out and back
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a major trail that will someday run the length of the Wasatch Front in the east foothills - from Payson through North Ogden. It is mostly on public land, on the benches above city streets and homes. Finished sections of the trail are popular for hiking and biking, and provide great views of the adjoining valleys.

Here we feature the Mt Ogden Section of the trail, which runs from the mouth of Ogden Canyon south to 46th Street. Numerous other trails intersect the Shoreline Trail, providing options for loop and extended hikes. You can access it from any of the five trailheads listed below.

Rainbow Gardens
This is where Valley Drive intersects Highway 39, at the mouth of Ogden Canyon.

Top of 22nd Street

Top of 29th Street

Top of 36th Street

Top of 46th Street