Corona and Bowtie Arches

Time Required: 1.5 hours
Round Trip Distance: 3 miles

Corona Arch Corona Arch is one of the more spectacular arches in the Moab Area. The arch is large enough that a local pilot has flown his private plane through the arch. This 3 mile round trip hike leads you through beautiful slickrock country with views of the Colorado River. The hike ends at the base of two magnificent arches: Bowtie and Corona. Corona Arch has an opening of 140 ft by 105 ft.

To get to the trailhead. Go north from Moab on HWY 191. Approximately 4 miles from Moab go west on Utah Scenic Byway 279 (also known as Potash road) for 10 miles.

Trailhead: From the parking lot on the north side of the highway follow the trial up to the visitor register box near the railroad; please register. Cross the railroad track and follow an old road bed up through a gap in the rim. From the gap, follow the cairns up the wash for about 100 yards where the trail swings to the left.

Follow the trail and cairns over a low sandy pass and then down towards the base of a large cliffs. Continue along the base of the cliff to the first safety cable and around to the second cable where steps have been cut into the slickrock. Corona Arch is visible from this point. From the top of the second cable climb up over a short ledge and follow the cairns up to the top of the large bench. From this point, it is an easy walk along the broad slickrock bench to the base of Corona Arch.

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