Utah Trails
Butler Wash Ruins
Length: 1 mile round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: An impressive ancient Anasazi cliff dwelling complex can be seen in a tributary to Butler Wash, along Hwy 95 west of Blanding. The trail to the viewpoint is signed and easy to follow. You can also hike along the canyon rim to several points offering alternate views the ruins, but it is very difficult to hike down into the canyon to get close to them. We recommend you stay on the rim.

The trailhead is signed and the parking area is paved. It is easy to located. From the trailhead, just follow the well-marked trail to the northwest, to the viewpoint.

The ruins are in alcoves in the cliffs on the far side of the canyon. You can easily see them with the naked eye, but you may want to bring binoculars for a closer view. Some have been partially restored. The complex consists of dwelling units and several kivas for religious ceremonies. If you are adventurous, you can hike along the rim to get views from different angles. A dry wash tumbles through an arch and down a dryfall at the top of the canyon. There is some interesting rock art under the arch.