Utah Trails
Butterfly Trail
Length: 2 miles round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Butterfly Trail in Snow Canyon State Park connects Snow Canyon Drive and the Petrified Dunes Trail to the Lava Flow Overlook Trail to the north. It crosses rugged, challenging terrain along the west side of the Petrified Dunes, provides access to the park's lava tubes, and with the large number of trail intersections on or within close proximity of its path, offers hikers a variety of length and skill options for their hiking trip.

Petrified Dunes Trailhead
The parking lot is located at the upper trailhead for the Petrified Dunes Trail.

Butterfly Trail Junction
The Butterfly Trail actually starts 200 feet to the west of the Petrified Dunes Trailhead.

Lava Flow Overlook Trail
After one mile, the Butterfly Trail ends at the Lava Flow Overlook Trail. From here, visitors can turn around to complete the 2-mile roundtrip, or they can continue on to the Lava Flow Overlook, the West Canyon Road, the Whiterocks Trail, or any number of other hikes.

Lava Flow (West Canyon) Overlook
This overlook offers a great view of the West Canyon Road, as well as the Petrified Dunes to the south.

Whitrocks Trail-Lava Flow Overlook Trail Junction
The Whiterocks Trail ends at the Lava Flow Trail only 0.35 mile north of the Butterfly Trail Junction with the Lava Flow Overlook Trail, and gives hikers the chance to climb the rocky slopes of the upper Snow Canyon, towards the Whiterocks Natural Amphitheatre and the Cinder Cone Trail.