Utah Trails
Dry Fork Rock Art
Length: Variable
Difficulty: Easy

Description: A large gallery of vivid Fremont Indian rock art figures can be seen at McConkie Ranch in Dry Fork Canyon, west of Vernal. Ancient rock art covers panels on the cliff face on the NE side of the canyon. An easy path follows at the base of the panels, providing access to points where you have excellent views of the artwork.

The ranch is property, but the trail is open to people who pay a small access fee. The trail winds up and over rocks and climbs hills. Virtually anyone who takes it slowly can get right up close to the rock art.

McConkie Ranch
To reach the ranch, drive west from Vernal on 500 North Street. Turn right onto 3500 West Street and follow it north. On the edge of town it becomes the Dry Fork Canyon Road. Continue to follow it into the canyon, past Remember the Main Park. (The Dry Fork Canyon Road is also called the Red Cloud Loop in this area.) From the intersection where you turned onto 3500 West, it is about 6.3 miles to McConkie Ranch.

Rock Art
Hundreds of rock art images can be seen here. Many are very vivid. Some are petroglyphs (chipped into the rock) while others are pictographs (painted onto the rock).

Dry Fork Village
By driving a little farther up the canyon you can see the Dry Fork Village ghost town. An early settlement in Ashley Valley, all that now remains of the town are the remnants of a few old outbuildings and cabins.