Utah Trails
Hovenweep Hackberry Group
Length: .25 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Hackberry Group is a cluster of ancient Anasazi ruins at a remote spot in Hovenweep National Monument. The ruins are clustered around a spring at the top of a small canyon near the Utah/Colorado border in the Four Corners area.

This was a medium-sized village - probably as large as Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, with 300 to 350 inhabitants. A unique feature of Hackberry is the amount of vegetation in the canyon due to a very productive spring. It seems water was available here when other springs slowed to a trickle. Large hackberry trees provide a refreshing contrast to the sagebrush and junipers growing on the mesa top just a few yards away. The Anasazi terraced the slopes inside the canyon to plant of crops.

The ruins consist of broken down rock structures. Some were large dwelling units, others were small rooms used for storage, or other purposes. They were built some 1,000 years ago and showcase the fine stone masonry techniques used by the ancient people. Most of the ruins can be seen via a .25 mile stroll around the canyon rim.

You'll need a detailed map to find your way from the Hovenweep Visitor Center (at Square Tower Ruin) to the Hackberry parking area/trailhead.

Hackberry/Horseshoe Fork
Hackberry is just east of the Hovenweep Horseshoe cluster of ruins. You'll probably want to visit both spots in the same trip.

Parking Area
From the parking area, just walk southeast along the canyon rim. You'll see some ruins right on the rim, and others down in the canyon.