Utah Trails
Hovenweep Holly Group
Length: .5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Holly Group includes a cluster of ancient Native American ruins located right on the Utah/Colorado border. It is part of Hovenweep National Monument. The complex contains five named buildings: Tilted Tower, Holly Tower, Curved Wall House, Great House and Isolated Boulder House. Most spectacular is Holly Tower, a graceful two-story structure that was skillfully built on a tall, narrow boulder. The Tower has a single entrance and could only be accessed by hand- and toeholds carved into the rock; the structure represents one of the finest examples of Montezuma Valley architecture.

The trail approaches all the major ruins, and spur trails run between them and down into the canyon. You can hike out and then return the way you came in, or cross the canyon and loop back to the parking area.

You'll need a detailed map to chart the route to the turnoff. It is located along an improved dirt road east of the Hovenweep visitor center (the visitor center is located at the Square Tower Ruin complex).

Parking Area
From the parking area, a trail extends out to the ruins, which are clustered along the side of a small canyon. The trail is easy to follow and you can see some of the ruins from the parking area.