Utah Trails
Little Hole Trail
Length: 7.2 miles one way
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This has formally been declared the Little Hole National Recreation Trail, attaining that status because of the stunning natural beauty of the area. The trail runs along the Green River through Red Canyon, from Flaming Gorge Dam down to Little Hole.

Hikers can start at either end, going as far as they want and then turning back, or can arrange for a shuttle to pick them up at the other end. Many of the businesses in Dutch John and around the lower end of Flaming Gorge Reservoir can provide information and shuttle services.

Fishermen often use this trail to access the quality trout fishing in this part of the river, which is known as Section A.

Toilets are available at both ends of the trail.

Flaming Gorge Dam
The trail starts next to the boat ramp on the river below the dam. You can drive to that point but parking there is very limited. The boat ramp is heavily used by fishermen and recreational rafters. You'll probably need to have someone shuttle you to the trailhead, or hike down from the canyon rim. From the boat ramp the trail simply follows the river into the canyon. The trail is wide, well-maintained and easy to follow.

Little Hole
Little Hole is both a popular takeout and launch point for people fishing and rafting the river. Many anglers start here and hike up or down the river. You can continue hiking for many miles below Little Hole, simply returning the way you came in.