Utah Trails
Sand Dunes
Length: 0.5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The Sand Dunes of Snow Canyon are one of the main attractions of the state park. Near the beginning of the canyon, co-located with a picnic area and restrooms, and right next door to the West Canyon, Whiptail, and Jenny’s Canyon Trails, it makes a popular destination for those who wish to enjoy a leisurely lunch and then some exploration. The sand is soft and fine, perfect for a barefoot stroll. Some of the dunes are large and steep enough that children enjoy rolling down the sides.

West Canyon Road
West Canyon Road is the longest trail in the park, at 8 miles roundtrip, and is enjoyed by many hikers, bikers, and joggers for the ease of the paved trail and the rugged beauty of the canyon surrounding it.

Picnic Area
The picnic area sits within the shadows of 500-foot cliffs to the east, and 700-foot cliffs to the west, making it a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery during a meal.

Sand Dunes
The mostly bare, playable area of the dunes is relatively small, only 400 feet wide, and just over 1,000 feet long, though they actually stretch for much further than that under layers of juniper and other hardy desert shrubs.

Jenny’s Canyon
Jenny’s Canyon is a fun slot canyon located almost at the mouth of Snow Canyon. Only half a mile long roundtrip, this canyon makes for a good, short hike.