Utah Trails
Smith Fork
Length: Variable
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: Smith Fork is a beautiful slot canyon above Lake Powell, uplake from Bullfrog Marina. It is enjoyable to boat through its winding, narrowing concourse. From the water's edge you can hike into the slot, going as far as you feel comfortable. Hiking is fairly easy on the lower end and becomes increasingly difficult as you proceed up canyon.

Hike up the canyon until you start to get tired, or until the going becomes rougher than you want, and then return to your boat. Alternately, you can drive jeep roads to a ridge above the canyon, climb down in and then hike down-canyon to the lake. Good climber can free climb down from the rim. Others may need a rope.

Mouth of Smith Fork Canyon
Smith Fork Canyon is about 13 miles uplake from Bullfrog Marina.

Water's Edge
Boat to the back of the narrow canyon, secure your craft and then just hike up the canyon. Your starting point will depend on the lake's water level.

Narrows Section
A small stream flows through this canyon, and the lower end is choked with brush. You get into good narrows almost immediately. Side canyons also provide interesting narrows and are fun to explore. You'll have to scramble and wade as you may your way through.

Ridge Entry Point
If you don't want to come up from the lake, you can drive jeep roads and get close to this point and then hike/climb down into the canyon. You'll enter in the middle of the narrows, so you can explore both directions.