Utah Trails
Three Ponds Trail
Length: 3.5 miles round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: The Three Ponds Trail cuts across West Canyon Road from beside the Hidden Pinyon Trailhead along the main road in Snow Canyon State Park, following the seam that enters the very narrow canyon just to the west of West Canyon Road. The trail is located within more or less the middle of the park, where it connects many of the major trails together. At the end of the trail, hikers enjoy the view of the narrow canyon that encloses them with 400-foot walls. The trail is named for the large sandstone potholes that fill with water whenever it rains, and gains less than 150 feet of elevation throughout its length.

Three Ponds Trailhead
The Three Ponds Trailhead is located just south of the Hidden Pinyon Trailhead and parking lot.

Hidden Pinyon Trail Junction
The Hidden Pinyon Trail is a loop trail that explores the vegetation and geology of the bottom of Snow Canyon, within the vicinity of Petrified Dunes, and the West Canyon Road.

Hidden Pinyon Overlook and Petrified Dunes Trails Junction
The Three Ponds Trail intersects here with the Hidden Pinyon Overlook Trail to the south, and the Petrified Dunes Trail to the north.

West Canyon Road Junction
West Canyon Road is the longest trail within the park, and allows hikers, joggers, and bikers to enjoy the steep, and narrow walls of Snow Canyon, especially within the upper West Canyon.

End of Three Ponds Trail
Visitors will find themselves within the entrance to the fabulously deep and narrow canyon to the west of West Canyon, seeming a giant crack in the sandstone of the park, directly north of Tuacahn Drive and the town of Ivins.