Utah Trails
Virgin River Rim Trail
Length: Variable, up to 32 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This trail connects several popular points in Cedar Canyon and on Cedar Mountain, east of Cedar City. The trail runs for 32 miles. Enthusiasts can hike any part or the entire trail. Go out and back or hike point to point with a shuttle. The trail offers beautiful views of the Virgin River Rim and the northern terrace of Zion National Park.

The route is also used by mountain bikers and horse riders.

Major points along the trail are listed below. For more information call 435-865-3700.

Wood Ranch
Word Ranch is a popular recreation area along Hwy 14 in Cedar Canyon, about 12 miles east of Cedar City. It marks the western end of the trail.

Deer Haven Campground
From Wood Ranch, the trail runs south to Deer Haven Campground, located in the forest south of Hwy 14.

Navajo Lake
The trail then swings east to Navajo Lake, located along Hwy 14 on top of Cedar Mountain.

Cascade Falls
Continuing east, the trail runs to Cascade Falls, on the Cedar Mountain rim overlooking part of Zion Park National Park.

Strawberry Point
Strawberry Point marks the eastern end of the trail. It is also located on the Cedar Mountain rim, overlooking the park.