Utah Trails
West Canyon Road
Length: 8 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Description: The longest trail in Snow Canyon State Park, the West Canyon Road is an unpaved maintenance road that runs from just above the Sand Dunes area of the lower park, to the deep, narrow canyons to the west of the main roads. The trail gains 400 feet of elevation along its 4-mile trek up the road, the last mile within the protective walls of the narrow head of Snow Canyon.

West Canyon Road
Bikers, hikers, and joggers routinely use this road as a means of exercise and landscape enjoyment.

Junction with Whiptail Trail
West Canyon Road meets up with, and parallels Whiptail Trail pretty much at its inception, before Whiptail splits and heads east, and West Canyon continues northwest up the canyon.

Junction with Three Ponds Trail
The Three Ponds Trail cuts across West Canyon Road from the Hidden Pinyon Trailhead, following the seam that enters the very narrow canyon just to the west of West Canyon.

Junction with Lava Flow Trail
The last trail junction that leads into the main part of Snow Canyon, the Lava Flow Trail comes down to West Canyon from the Petrified Dunes and the West Canyon Overlook above, just below Whiterocks Trail.

End of the Road
Deep within the narrow defile, West Canyon Road ends, and visitors must turn around, though they do not necessarily have to return the way they came. Hikers and joggers have the option of enjoying any of the dozens of other trails in Snow Canyon that intersect with the Road, or with other trails that intersect with the Road.