Utah Trails
Widforss Trail
Length: 10 miles round trip
Difficulty: Moderate

Description: This trail, located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, runs along the forested rim above Transept gorge, offering outstanding views into the deepening canyon and out over the greater Grand Canyon area to the southeast. It ends at a viewpoint near Widforss Point. The trail is wide and easy to follow.

A printed trail guide is available and describes key features along the first 2.5 miles of this trail. Numbered sign posts correspond to the printed guide.

Trailhead Parking
The trailhead is located along the Point Sublime access road, about .6 miles west of the main North Rim Parkway. From the parking area you follow the signed trail southwest into the forest.

Hike as far as you want and then turn back. You'll be rewarded with outstanding canyon views at several points along the trail. Of course, the best view is at the trail's end, 5 miles from the parking area. This route is relatively mild and most people can make it to the trail's end and back, if they just take it slow and enjoy the scenery.