Moab Area National Parks

Arches and Canyonlands national parks are located almost adjacent to each other, just a few minutes away from Moab. The town offers a wide variety of lodging and dining establishments, making it the ideal base camp to explore these scenic areas.

Arches is relatively small and offers great opportunity to auto tour and hike. The scenic drive through the park passes many key attractions - you can see spectacular arches without getting out of your vehicle. Most people also want to hike, to get up close to these natural stone wonders. All of the park's most popular features can be seen auto touring or making moderate day hikes.

Canyonlands is huge. You can see many interesting features by auto touring and making casual day hikes, but some parts of the park are only accessible to people who drive rugged jeep roads, bike technical trails, hike into the wilderness or float down the rivers.

You can buy or rent the supplies and equipment needed to enjoy serious recreation in these parks, and you can book guides to take you to many of the most scenic spots.

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