Northern Utah Mormon History Sites

Logan Temple

The Logan Temple was the second Mormon temple built in Utah.

Most of the population of Utah lives in the northern half of the state, which boasts historic cities such as Provo, Logan, and Ogden in addition to the state's commercial and political center, Salt Lake City. These cities owe their prosperity today to the pioneers who settled them, beginning over 150 years ago. And not only did those pioneers leave a tremendous legacy and many historical sites behind, but their attitude of hard work and kindness can be felt in many of these communities today—not just at historical sites but in businesses and homes and in the lives of citizens.

Fortunately for visitors, most Mormon history sites of general interest in Northern Utah are easily accessible from Utah's main north-south freeway, I-15. Here are some areas of Northern Utah for those interested in Mormon history to consider visiting:

Ogden Area
Fort Buenaventura, Ogden Temple, Ogden Pioneer Museum, Miles Goodyear Cabin, Ogden Railroad Depot Museum, Huntsville, David O. McKay Home

Cache Valley/Logan Area
Logan Temple, Logan Tabernacle, American West Heritage Center, Old Rock Church, Brigham City Tabernacle, Lorenzo Snow Gravesite, Old Tabernacle at Wellsville, Martin Harris Gravesite at Clarkston

Utah Valley/Provo Area
Hutchings Museum, Camp Floyd, Mt. Timpanogos Temple, Alpine Stake Tabernacle, Battle Creek Markers, Ben Hawley House, Fort Utah, Brigham Young University, Provo Temple, Provo Tabernacle

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