Arches National Park Off-Road Travel

Arches National Park: Klondike

ATVs are prohibited in Arches National Park.

All vehicles must stay on existing roads and designated routes. The Salt Valley and Willow Flats roads are unpaved. Salt Valley can normally be driven in a family car, but a 4X4 may be needed during stormy weather. High clearance four-wheel-drive is recommended for the Willow Flats road, which has a 3 rating because of deep sand.

The Tower Arch trail and the connecting trail between Tower Arch and Willow Springs are serious off-road routes found wholly within the park. They are rated 5's using is the Red Rock 4-wheelers 1-10 rating system.

The Cache Valley Trail starts in Arches National Park and heads out onto Dry Mesa. There are also several great trails on Yellow Cat (accessible via Salt Valley) and Dome Plateau overlooking Arches.

Klondike Bluffs Road is a four-wheel-drive route with a 2 rating. It crosses into Arches from the west. Some rough spurs can be driven into areas along the park's edge.

Many other great off-road routes are located in the Moab area outside the park.

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