Windows Section Hikes

Arches National Park

A series of scenic arches are located in close proximity in this area, along with pinnacles and other interesting rock formations. Short trails approach the arches. The trails are all easy and never lead far from the parking area. People can easily stroll as far and they feel comfortable and then simple take the shortest route back to their vehicle.

Windows Arches

Location: East/central area in Arches National Park
Difficulty: Easy strolls
Length: Several short, interconnecting trails exist here; lengths vary
Elevation gain: No significant elevation change

Weather: These trails can be hiked year-round.

Other Factors: Pit toilets are available at the parking area. There are no sources for water, and no other services.

Route Descriptions: Trails in the Windows section of the park take you to close up views of arches and other interesting features. There are also trails that loop between arches, and around the North and South windows. Here are some of the main arches to see:

Turret Arch
The fin that Turret Arch is carving away is over 100 feet wide, but the arch itself is relatively young and small. There is a secondary, smaller arch directly to the right of the main arch, and maybe within a few hundred thousand years or so the two of them will join to create a larger arch.

The Windows
The two Spectacles are formed of the same sandstone fin, one of the farthest reaches of the collection that sits below Elephant Butte.

Double Arch
Double Arch takes its name because of it consists of two arches that share the same stone as a foundation for both of their outer legs. Double Arch was formed by downward water erosion from atop the sandstone, rather than from side-to-side water erosion.

The Parade of Elephants
To the south of Double Arch lies a lone section of sandstone, the remnants of the fin to which Double Arch used to belong. The rock formation appears to be a herd of elephants, holding each others� tails, traveling single file. The formation consists of a few small arches within the elephants� ranks that seem to give the impression that they were actually carved to appear as the pachyderms

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