Canyonlands Map and Diring Directions

Canyonlands National Park

pdf map of Canyonlands National Park


Most people visiting Canyonlands drive to Moab, Utah, and then explore the Park's Island in the Ski District or Needles District. Access to those areas is relatively easy, as described below. The Maze District and Horseshoe Canyon are not accessible from Moab.

No form of public transportation serves any part of Canyonlands National Park

Island In the Sky District
Access is via Utah Hwy 313. From Moab, drive north on US 191 for about 9.75 miles to the signed junction with Hwy 313. Drive west on 313 toward Dead Horse Point State Utah Park. Instead of following 313 south into the park, follow the signs west into Canyonlands.

Needles District
Access is via Route 211, which intersects Hwy 191 about 37.5 miles south of Moab. From 191, turn west onto Route 211 and follow it into the Park.

Maze District
Access is via the Flint Trail, a rugged four-wheel drive route. You can get on the trail from Hwy 95 near Hite on Lake Powell, or from Hwy 24 via Hans Flat; the Hwy 24 turnoff is located north of Hanksville. Get a good map and detailed information before attempting to explore this area.

Horseshoe Canyon
The best access is via a maintained dirt road that heads east from Hwy 24. The route is well-signed and the turnoff is located just south of the Goblin Valley turnoff, north of Hanksville. The road may be sandy and rutty, but four-wheel drive is not usually needed.

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