Buckskin Gulch and The Wave

Two famous hiking destinations can be found just southeast of Kanab, along the Utah/Arizona border. One is called Buckskin Gulch and the other is The Wave.

Buckskin Gulch
This long slot canyon is a tributary to Paria Canyon, and is often hiked as part of a loop that includes both Buckskin and Paria. It is one of the longest slot canyons in the world and is touted as one of the world's great canyoneering adventures.

The canyon is very deep and narrow, with sheer walls. In many spots it is just a few yards wide. Hikers just trek down the canyon, climbing over big rocks and wading or swimming through potholes filled with cold water. Technical gear is not needed, but hikers should always carry emergency gear and supplies.

The Wave
The Wave is a beautiful, multi-colored chute carved out of a sandstone mountain. Bands of color run through the rock and hues vary with the angle of the sun. Photos of The Wave can be stunning and people come from around the world to photograph the unique formation.

The Wave can be reached by making a relatively short hike into a pristine area.

Permits are needed to hike both Buckskin Gulch and The Wave. Since both are very popular destinations, permits go quickly so people who want to explore these areas need to play months in advance.

See our pages on each area for more details.

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