State Parks In The Kanab Area

Two popular Utah state parks are located in the Kanab Area.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Huge dunes can be found here. Much of the area is open to ATVs and other off-road machines - this is one of the America's great spots for ATV riding. The area is very scenic. The park also offers a nice campground and there are excellent hiking trails nearby. The park's name comes form the sand's reddish-orange color.

Kodachrome Basin
This popular state park offers great campsites and numerous hiking, biking trails. The area is unusual because tall, narrow rock spires and chimneys, called pipe intrusions, reach upward from the canyon floor. The sun illuminates these intrusions, and the surrounding canyon walls, with varying hues as the day progresses, producing a multitude of colors that give the park its name. It is a wonderland for photographers.

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