Grand Circle

Utah National Parks Map

Grand Circle travel begins and ends in Utah! Visitors have a unique chance to experience all five Utah national parks, in addition to the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley and Lake Powell (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. During a one-week trip you have time for a short stop in each location, but we recommend taking your time — at least two weeks — so you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy and learn about each unique destination. The American Southwest is famous for incredible scenery, red rock pinnacles and formations, brilliant sunsets, and deep canyons. It is uncommon land, for an uncommon experience, and it's all within a stone's throw of Utah. Few states can boast of so much!

Bryce Canyon Hike

Maintained highways run between these destinations and access is possible year-round. Some of this country is remote and rugged, with many miles between gas stations, so plan your trip carefully.


Click here for a mileage chart for popular Grand Circle locations.

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