Grand Teton National Park Backcountry

Hiking, backpacking and climbing trips are popular in the park backcountry. All backcountry camping and overnight climbing trips require a permit. The park backcountry is very popular and advanced reservations are recommended. Reservation requests are accepted by mail, fax, online, or in person from January 1st to May 15th. For online reservations go to:

Permits involving overnight stays while climbing or mountaineering may only be obtained at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. Detailed information, as well as climbing routes and trail conditions can be found on the park's climbing and backcountry webpages:

Because of the steep, rugged terrain, many people underestimate the time needed to travel in the backcountry. For planning purposes, do not expect to move no more than 2 miles per hour. At higher elevations, travel is even slower.

Park-approved bear canisters must be used in the backcountry. The park provides canisters free of charge for use in the park.

The Jenny Lake Ranger Station is staffed from late May to late September by climbing rangers who can provide up-to-date weather and route conditions. Registration is not required for day climbs or cross-country hiking. Backcountry permits are required for all overnight stays. The park DOES NOT check to see that you get safely out of the backcountry. Leave an agenda with friends or a family member. Solo backcountry travel is not advised.

See the park's backcountry trip planner for more information.

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