Grand Teton National Park Horseback

Horseback riding is popular in Grand Teton National Park and in the surrounding area. In the park, commercial horseback rides are available from the following park-authorized businesses:

Other businesses offer trail rides in gateway areas.

Many people bring their own stock animals for trail rides in this area. Gros Ventre Campground is the only park campground that allows stock animals. Many people with stock stay in areas just outside the park and come in for day rides. The primary trailheads for day use are:

  • String and Leigh Lake Trailheads
  • Poker Flats Trailhead

There are eight camping areas in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Memorial Parkway along the unpaved road between Flagg Ranch and Grassy Lake. There are a total of 14 sites in these areas, all of which allow stock animals. No permit is required.

In most areas, stock animals inside the park must stay on established trails. Check the park's Saddle and Pack Stock brochure for more information. Grazing is prohibited. Processed feed must be packed in and used for all overnight trips; no hay may be packed in. Where hay is allowed, it must be certified as weed free in compliance with Teton County standards.

Backcountry camping permits must be obtained for overnight stays in the backcountry. There are 5 designated backcountry stock camps in the park. Backcountry camping with stock is allowed only at these sites. Fires are not allowed. The sites may be reserved in advance through a request to the Permits Office. All backcountry stock camps are signed and hitch rails are provided.

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