Great Basin Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak is a major attraction in Great Basin National Park. The mountain is massive, with a summit elevation of 13,063 feet. It is the highest point in the Great Basin, and the second highest peak in the state of Nevada.

Roads wind up toward the peak from several directions. From the end of the paved Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, it is a relatively easy 8.6 round trip hike to the summit (2,620 foot elevation gain). Of the impressive peaks in the Western US, Wheeler is one of the easiest to summit.

Jutting up from the surrounding desert, Wheeler Peak cuts through a wide assortment of ecological zones, with representative plants ranging from sage on the valley floor to pinyon/juniper to bristlecone to alpine wildflowers.

The mountain shelters a wide variety of animal life and it is common to see wildlife here. In this area biologists have counted 73 species of mammals, 18 species of reptiles, 238 species of birds and 8 species of fish. It is a remarkable area.

Mule deer migrate up and down the mountain, searching for forage and staying away from deep winter snow. Deer are often seen on the mountain, and surrounding winter ranges.

Wheeler Peak is very scenic and offers a wide assortment of recreational opportunities. It is a great destination.

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