Mesa Verde National Park In Winter

Mesa Verde National Park is open year-round but access and services are limited during winter. The park's main road is paved and is kept open. (The main road may be temporarily closed during and immediately after major storms.) The road provides access to many viewpoints above cliff dwellings. Ranger-led tours take visitors into Spruce Tree House. (Spruce is the only cliff dwelling open during winter.)

The Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum is open during winter and offers extensive displays and interpretive programs. Visitors are encouraged to stop at the museum to get information on current conditions in the park, along with maps and info on trails and activities.

Popular Winter Activities

  • Viewing ancient cultural resources
  • Auto touring
  • Hiking
  • Cross country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Photography
  • Wildlife watching

Average Winter Temperatures F°

Month High Low
November 51° 28°
December 42° 21°
January 40° 18°
February 44° 19°
March 50° 26°

Some hiking trails are open during winter. Other trails are groomed for cross country skiing and/or snowshoeing (depending on snow conditions). Most years the park receives abundant snowfall and drifts become deep.

The Wetherill Mesa Road is closed during winter.

The park's campground is also closed during winter months. The park is located on a high-elevation mesa which receives more snow and has colder temperatures than surrounding communities. Campgrounds and many lodging options are available in those communities.

Wildlife is abundant in the park and animals are frequently seen during winter. Mule deer are the largest animal commonly seen by park visitors. Hawks and eagles are frequently seen in and around the park. Foxes and coyotes are seen occasionally, along with numerous small mammals.

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