Butler Wash Ruins

A fascinating cliff dwelling can be seen in Butler Wash, along Hwy 95 west of Blanding. The parking area is signed and is easy to find. From the parking area a well-marked trail ascends a ridge to a viewpoint above the ruin. The round trip hike is easy and covers a distance of just over 1/2 mile.

The main ruin is in an alcove at the top of the canyon. It is well preserved because the alcove protects it from the elements.

Other minor ruins and some nice rock art can be seen by those interested in exploring off the main trail. A dryfall comes down from the top of the canyon near the ruins. Water has carved out a channel under the rock, forming a small natural bridge. Rock art can be seen under the bridge.

This is big, rugged country. Hiking is easy if you stay on the maintained trail, but the going becomes difficult if you get off that trail. You can bushwhack down into the canyon to get a closer look at the main cliff dwelling, but that is a difficult and time consuming trek. You are better off looking at the ruins from the rim. Bring binoculars and a telephoto lens to see details of the ruin and get close-up photos.

Butler Wash is located just east of Cedar Mesa. Many impressive ruins and rock art sites can be found in this area.

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