Ruins and Rock Art in the Monument Valley Area

Ancestral Puebloans (also known as the Anasazi culture) thrived in the Four Corners region. A large number of people lived in the area from about AD 500 to AD 1300. They are well known for their rock art, stone masonry buildings, ornate pottery and woven baskets.

Mesa Verde National Park is one of the great places to see cliff dwellings and artifacts left by this fascinating culture. Other sites are not as famous but also offer opportunities to learn about these ancient people. Sites that are staffed so you can see exhibits and ask questions include:

There are also backcountry sites where you can see ruins and rock art. Many people enjoy searching them out. Some are located along roadways where they are easy to find. An example is the Mule Canyon Ruin.

Some Anasazi sites are located in remote canyons and can only be seen by people interested in adventure hikes. For example, Grand Gulch shelters many sites and is a popular hiking area.

See our blog about hunting for rock art. (The photo at right shows some of the images we found on a backcountry trip.)

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