Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is the largest lake in Yellowstone National Park. It covers about 136 square miles and has an average depth of about 139 feet, with its deepest spot dropping down 390 feet.

The lake is a very popular area to camp, boat, fish and hike.

Yellowstone Lake is located near the center of Yellowstone Park, about 22 miles north of the South Entrance. Roads follow the lake's west and north shorelines, providing easy access. Trails run along the lake's eastern shoreline and provide access to some points on that shoreline.

The famous Fishing Bridge is located on the Yellowstone River near where it comes out of Yellowstone Lake. From the bridge, you can often see large cutthroat trout swimming in the clear water. The cutthroat trout are native to the lake and river, and the waters are managed for their benefit. Fishing is allowed. Check the park website or at a visitor center for the latest information on license requirements and regulations.

A Yellowstone boating permit is required to operate a boat of any kind on the lake. Boats are defined as pretty much anything at floats, from motorboats to canoes, kayaks and float tubes. In some areas, boats are restricted to slow speeds; in other areas only boats without motors are permitted. Launch ramps are located in 3 spots on the lake. The marina at Bridge Bay offers boat rentals.

A geothermal area exists in the lake's West Thumb region. It includes hot springs, geysers and fumaroles. Some come up under the lake, others can be seen nearby.

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