Zion National Park Backcountry

Zion National Park: Backcountry

See the National Park Service Backcountry Guilde for Zion Park.

There are many backcountry opportunities in Zion National Park. Trips into the Zion backcountry require a lot of planning ahead. Summer weather can be hot and dry, and winter weather can be cold and icy. Dangers such as flash floods and steep cliffs are always potential hazards. Rangers and Visitors Centers can provide you with current weather information to insure that you are properly prepared before you set out on your hike. Your safety is your responsibility. Every year people are seriously injured or die while visiting the backcountry. Visitors must use good judgment and come prepared.

The Zion Narrows and The Subway are the most popular backcountry hikes. Other popular areas include:

  • LaVerkin Creek
  • West Rim
  • Pine Creek Canyon
  • Keyhole Canyon
  • Orderville Canyon
  • Mystery Canyon
  • Spry Canyon
  • Behunin Canyon
  • Echo Canyon
  • Englestead Canyon

All narrow canyons are potentially hazardous. Flash floods, cold water, and strong currents present real dangers that can be life-threatening.

Pets and fires are not allowed in the backcountry. Be sure to carry out all trash, and to leave the backcountry with no trace that visitors have been there.

Permits for Backcountry
Permits are required for all through hikes of the Virgin River and tributaries, the Left Fork of North Creek (the Subway), Kolob Creek, and all canyons requiring the use of descending gear or ropes. Permits are also needed for any overnight stay in the backcountry. Permits are issued at both visitor centers the day before, or the day of your hike.

$10.00 - 1-2 people
$15.00 - 3-7 people
$20.00 - 8-12 people

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