Highway Restrictions in Zion National Park

State Route 9 traverses the park, connecting Interstate 15 and Utah Highway 89. Many travelers drive the highway to reach various parts of the park, or outlying destinations. However, this highway has a narrow, 1.1 mile long tunnel about six miles into the park. All vehicles 13'1" tall or taller may not enter the tunnel at any time. This includes all semi trucks, which are prohibited from driving through the park. However, many drivers are routed this way and can arrive after hours. Drivers that disregard the park signs have gotten stuck in the tunnel or caused accidents trying to turn around.

In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board has determined that any vehicle greater than 7'10" wide or greater than 11'4" tall must traverse the tunnel by driving down the center. The Park does provide an escort service to help motorists safely accomplish this task, but only during daylight hours. Visitors in oversized vehicles who arrive in darkness risk a possible head-on collision if they enter the tunnel without a park escort.

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