Zion's Kolob Terrace

Zion Terrace

The Kolob Terrace area includes the central portion of Zion National Park. It is located northeast of the town of Virgin, off of Hwy 9. A paved road provides access to this area. The road runs from the town of Virgin up to Kolob Reservoir.

The paved road offers a very scenic drive into the mountains, through lush forest, with classic Zion scenery all along the way. The Terrace rises to over 8000 feet in elevation and the road is steep and windy.

Zion- the subway

Zion's famous Subway semi-technical slot canyon route is found in this area, along with other stunning routes like the Right Fork of North Creek.

The Lava Point primitive camping area is found in the high country here.

Because the terrain is so rough, it is not possible to drive directly between the three major sections of Zion Park. A long trail leads from the Lava Point area down into Zion Canyon, and another longer trail goes the other direction, over to the Kolob Canyons Road.

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