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Zion National Park

Zion National Park pdf Map

Distances to Zion Canyon from...

  • Moab, Utah - 342 miles
  • Green River, Utah - 290 miles
  • Grand Junction, CO - 391 miles
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - 305 miles
  • St George, Utah - 38.3 miles
  • Las Vegas, NV - 157 miles
  • Directions if coming by...

    I-15 passes west of the Park and connects with UT-9, exit 16, and UT-17, exit 27. US-89 passes east of the park and connects with UT-9 at Mount Carmel Junction. The Kolob Canyon Visitor Center is accessible from I-15, exit 40. The Zion Canyon Visitor Center is accessible from UT-9, and is located a short distance from the Park's South Entrance near Springdale, UT.

    Large Vehicles
    Drivers of large vehicles approaching Zion National Park from the east on UT-9 need to be aware of large vehicle size restrictions.

    Vehicles sized 7'10'' wide or wider or 11'4'' in height, or higher, are required to have an ''escort'' (traffic control) through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel. Vehicles this size are too large to stay in their lane while traveling through the tunnel. Nearly all RV's, buses, trailers, 5th wheels, daulie pick up trucks, and some camper shells will require an escort.

    (Note: It is possible to visit Zion with a large vehicle without going through the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel. To do this you have to enter and exit through the south entrance of the park, near Springdale).

    Visitors requiring an escort must pay a $15 fee per vehicle in addition to the entrance fee. Pay this fee at a park entrance before proceeding to the tunnel. The fee is good for 2-trips through the tunnel for the same vehicle during a 7-day period. More info.

    The closest major airport is Las Vegas International, in Las Vegas, NV, 158 miles (254 km), 3-hours southwest of the park. A smaller airport is located in St. George, UT, 46 miles (74.1 km), 1-hour southwest of the park.

    Public Transportation
    The park shuttle system provides transportation from Springdale into the park and up Zion Canyon. Beyond that, no public transportation systems serve this area.

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