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(SKI Magazine, January 2008 - 1230K) Ogden - Utah, A little-known city strives to become America's next high-adventure hotspot.

10 places you've got to see  (Sunset Magazine, Jan 8 08) For adrenaline junkies - Locals have always considered Ogden their very own playground.

High adventure in Ogden (Salt LakeTribune, Jan 3, 08) Ogden City and the new Salomon Center are becoming destination spots for outdoor enthusiasts

Extreme Ogden � Railroad city rebuilds itself through extreme sports
(Deseret Morning News, November 8, 07)

The idea was simple enough. Replace the railroad, once the lifeblood of this northern city, with snow, ice, water and super-high winds.

Where Outdoors is the Way Up (New York Times, June 22, 07)
WEDGED between old stockyards and a boarded-up packing plant on the western edge of town, the kayak park is not easy to find. But it is just the kind of thing that draws outdoor enthusiasts to Ogden, Utah.

Ogden Ranked Among Best Places (Forbes, April 5, 07)
Forbes.com ranks Ogden #11 on its list of Best Places for Business and Careers

How Now, Pow Mow? (Denver Post, March 20, 07)
What's the biggest ski area in the country? The ski area with the most skiable terrain in the United States is northern Utah's Powder Mountain.

Michael Adams will lead Atomic USA to Ogden, Utah (PR Newsire, March 7, 07)
A 25-Year Veteran of the Wintersports Industry, Adams Will Oversee Atomic USA's Transition to Ogden, Utah

Breaking Into Snow Business (Wall Street Journal, March 3, 07)
Ogden's plan to become a premier center for outdoor tourism: an abandoned cannery with rotting wood floors and boarded-up windows. In a few months, it will become home to some of the biggest brands of the ski industry, in-cluding Salomon and two other units of Helsinki-based Amer Sports.

Ogden Rec Center (Associated Press, January 27, 07)
A 125,000-square-foot recreation center will be named for Salomon, a major ski brand, as part of the incentives to land the parent company, Amer Sports Corp.

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