Made In Utah - Ogden Area

These products and services have unique ties to Utah and have become iconic in their respective categories. While traveling in Utah we encourage you to seek out and try local products. They will add rich variety to your visit.

Browning Arms Company
The famous Browning Arms Company was founded in Utah in 1927. John Browning was one of the world's most prolific firearms inventors and his designs have been manufactured and sold by various companies including Winchester, Colt and Remington, as well as under the Browning name. For many years to company manufactured guns at a factory in Fountain Green, Utah. In recent years Fabrique Nationale de Herstal acquired the company and its guns are now manufactured overseas.

Browning still produces some sporting equipment in its Fountain Green plant.

Visitors are welcome at the John M. Browning Firearms Museum, located in Union Station in Ogden, Utah (2501 Wall Avenue, Ogden, Utah).

Chocolot Artisan Confections
"What company has three generations of experience, makes all of its gorgeous chocolates, toffee and popcorn by hand in Utah, and makes it better than anyone else? Chocolot Artisan Chocolates."

The artisan chocolates and other confections may be purchased at many shops in northern Utah and some outlying areas.

Maddox Ranch House Restaurant
Maddox Ranch House has been called "Utah's Original Steakhouse." It specializes in locally grown beef and chicken dishes.

The Maddox family became involved in the restaurant business during World War II, when Irv Maddox opened a seven-stool counter on Main Street in Brigham City. Over time they moved to various spots and eventually established their restaurant in Perry, Utah.

"Because some folks thought the idea of a restaurant out in the "middle of nowhere" was crazy, they constructed a very small log cabin type of building built on skids so that it could be towed away if things didn't work out. That was August of 1949 and it still sits on its original location."

You will find the restaurant at 1900 South Highway 89, in Perry, Utah.

Morgan Valley Lamb
The Gillmore family has been raising sheep in Utah for over three generations. They specialize in high quality lamb products.

"Fresh air, clean water, and wholesome forage make the best lamb. Utah terrain grows some of the best tasting lamb in the world, but most of the lamb raised in Utah leaves the state, going to markets on the East and West coasts. In 2001, Jamie and Linda Gillmor, owners of Morgan Valley Lamb, began marketing their naturally raised lambs to local high end restaurants and quality supermarkets in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas."

Sports Manufacturers
Many top manufacturers of outdoor equipment have chosen to locate their headquarters or production facilities in Ogden, Utah. They include:

  • Atomic
  • Goode Skis
  • Edge Components
  • Hart Ski Corp
  • Kahuna Creations
  • Klymit
  • Nidecker
  • Peregrine Outfitters
  • Quality Bike Products
  • Rossignol
  • Salomon
  • Scott USA
  • Suunto
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