Ogden Area Museums

Ogden boasts an impressive dinosaur museum. The area offers a wide assortment of other museums, from heritage and culture to natural history.

Brigham City Museum-Gallery  moreBrigham City 
Fine Arts Center World of Puppetry Museum  moreBrigham City 
25th Street Gallaries  moreOgden 
Eccles Community Art Center  moreOgden 
Eccles Dinosaur Park  moreOgden 
George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park  moreOgden 
Historic 25th Street  moreOgden 
Historic Union Station  moreOgden 
Ogden Nature Center  moreOgden 
Ogden Untion Station Foundation  moreOgden 
Treehouse Children's Museum  moreOgden 
Union Station Railroad Museum  moreOgden 
Hill Aerospace Museum  moreRoy 
Tremonton Firefighters Museum  moreTremonton 
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