Ogden Area Nordic Skiing

Utah's snow is legendary among alpine skiers, but skinny skis also reap all the benefits of our generous helpings of the white stuff. The local Nordic club, Ogden Nordic, hosts events and is actively involved in sharing their vast knowledge and resources. Hang out on a closed course with their masters team and get coached by some of the best.

North Fork Park Campground
North Fork Park was nominated as a potential venue for the Nordic and biathlon events of the 2002 Winter Olympic games. It's located at the northern end of the Ogden Valley in Liberty. There's a place to park vehicles and begin skiing on the summer roadways. The snow conditions here are very good throughout the winter. All levels of skiing ability can be found in this area, including serious backcountry skiing along the flanks of Ben Lomond Peak.

Length: 12+ miles; groomed daily
Difficulty: 40% easy, 40% moderate
20% difficult
Elevation: 5,500' to 6,000'

Pineview Reservoir
Pineview Reservoir is located five miles east of Ogden accessed via Highway 39 (12th Street). The best skiing is at Anderson Cove Campground when the snow conditions are good. Periodically a Nordic track is prepared that circles through the campground taking advantage of the rolling terrain and summertime roadways. Restrooms are open in the campground but are not maintained on a regular schedule. This area is classified easiest level with generally flat terrain with a few steep sections. Parking is limited at the campground entry roadway near the Host Cabin.

Length: variable
Difficulty: easy
Elevation: 4,900' to 4,950'

Art Nord Trailhead
Art Nord Trailhead is found along State Road 226 - what locals call Old Snowbasin Road. During the winter months, the roadway is closed to vehicle traffic past Art Nord. This allows skiing and sledding on the road itself (once the snow depth allows it) and ends at another set of barriers near Snowbasin. Nordic skiers have a few options from this parking area: 1) Head north down Wheeler Canyon following the stream through the deep and shady canyon. 2) Cross the paved highway and follow the East Fork of Wheeler Creek trail ending at either the Snowbasin Road at Green Pond Trailhead or following the Middle Fork Trail back to the Old Snowbasin Road and back to the trailhead. 3) Ascend the main Wheeler Creek trail to end at the parking lot of Snowbasin. All levels of skiing difficulty level can be found in this area. The greatest dangers are in crossing live streams and some avalanche slide paths in Wheeler Canyon. A Nordic trail is groomed occasionally that follows the paved road toward Snowbasin or along the Main Wheeler Creek trail. A snowmachine packs a trail along the East and Middle Fork trails when needed.

Length: 1.8 to 2.5 miles
Difficulty: 80% moderate, 20% difficult
Elevation: 5,500' to 6,300'

Snowbasin Ski Area
Snowbasin grooms and maintains 26 km of Nordic trails suitable for both skating and classic-style Nordic skiing. The trails start near the 2nd parking lot, where Nordic trail users may park. There is no charge for Snowbasin's Nordic trails. For starter trails, choose between the Stadium, the Meadows Loop or Maples Loop. Gear and Nordic ski maps are available at Snowbasin.

Length: 1 to 3.6 miles
Difficulty: 70% easy, 20% moderate, 10% difficult
Elevation: 5,500' to 6,300'

Attention Dog Owners:
The impacts from dogs (tracks in the groomed trail or feces left on the trail) have become an issue of concern to both the Forest Service managers and those who groom the trails. We ask that those who take dogs on the groomed trails find ways to prevent or minimize these impacts.

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