Ogden River Parkway

The Ogden River Parkway is a scenic path that follows the river from the mouth of Ogden Canyon down into the city. A stroll down the Parkway takes you past the Eccles Dinosaur Park, the Big D Sports Park, Loren Farr Park, the Ogden Stadium and into the heart of Ogden's newest business district.

The Parkway is wide and has a smooth surface suitable for baby strollers or roller blades. The trail is a popular place to walk, jog, bike, blade and just relax. The trail also gives fishermen access to the river, which is an excellent urban fishery.

This trail takes you beside grassy soccer fields, cultivated gardens and picnic pavilions, as well as Ogden City's Dinosaur Park, swimming pool, skateboard park, rodeo grounds and residential neighborhoods.

Trailhead locations
18th Street and Washington Boulevard
1700 Monroe Boulevard
East end of Park Boulevard
Off Valley Drive

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