Snowbasin Ski Area

Snowbasin Ski Area - Olympic Alpine area

Alpine Area

Downhill, combined, and Super-G took place at the Alpine Area at Snowbasin (Snowbasin Ski Area).


Total events: 6

Men's Downhill, combined, super-G
Ladies'Downhill, combined, super-G


Snowbasin Ski Area


Average annual: 1173.5 cm/462 in


Base: 1957 m/6420.6 ft
Summit: 2838 m/9311 ft (downhill); 2590 m/8497.4 ft (super-G)

Post Olympic Use

Public ski resort, training center and competition site.


Take Interstate 15 North from downtown Salt Lake City. Exit on Interstate 84 East to Mountain Green. Take to Highway 167 (Trapper's Loop). Follow Snowbasin Ski Area signs from Trapper's Loop.

Venue History

The men's downhill course was designed by Olympic gold medalist Bernard Russi. It is considered one of the top courses in the world with a vertical drop of 881 meters. The starting line features a 74 percent grade while the course includes other sections at 70 and 65 percent grades. The John Paul ski lift, run and tram was the site of the Olympic competition. Course construction was completed in summer 1998. Construction of new lifts was completed in November 1998; construction of new snowmaking lines was completed in 1999.

For additional suggestions on enjoying these sites year-round, contact the Utah Athletic Foundation.

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